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About the Brand

Phi products allow the highest precision in work thanks to the combination of innovative ideas they were built on, sophisticated materials they were made of, and ease of use.

Famous for containing the cleanest pigment formulas for microblading and PMU, they have gained international recognition and become many artists’ go-tos.

Frequently Asked Question

You need to send in your application through the Contact Form. Our team will review it, and let you know whether it’s accepted via email. Once you’re accepted, you’ll get login credentials for your Affiliate Dashboard. There, you’ll be able to generate your original Affiliate Links, start sharing them, and start earning commissions!

You can earn 10% of total order value (excluding shipping and extra taxes) for purchases made through your Affiliate Link, or your Discount Coupon Code.

You generate your own original Affiliate Links in your Affiliate Dashboard. It’s simple – you copy a link from PMUHub Shop, paste it into the appropriate field, and the system will generate your Affiliate Link you can then copy and paste where you want to share it.

Once you get your Affiliate Link, you can share it with your audience directly, or insert it into your content on social media, blog or platform. If someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, the system will automatically assign you your commission.

Our Affiliate Links have a 30-day cookie window. This means that if someone enters PMUHub Shop through your link and makes a purchase within 30 days through the same device and same browser, you get your commission.

Once you’re accepted as a PMUHub Affiliate, you will then receive a dynamical coupon code generated from your Username and discount rate (for example USERNAME5). If you wish to have a different name for your Discount Coupon Code you can request its name edit in your Affiliate Dashboard (Coupon section). The new name has to be accepted by our PMUHub Shop team (you will see the change in your Affiliate Dashboard) and then you can use it.

Discount Coupon Codes provide a 5% discount to the customer, and a commission to you from every sale made using the code.

You can share your Discount Coupon Code with your audience directly, or insert it into your content on social media, blog or platform. 

Discount Codes are used at checkout. The shopper needs to type your Discount Coupon Code into the appropriate field correctly and redeem it in order to activate it.

Note that commissions from your Affiliate Link and Discount Code cannot be combined. If a customer has entered the shop through your link, and used your Code at checkout, the Code will annul the commission from your Affiliate Link.

For every purchase made through your Affiliate Link, the system will automatically assign your commission to you. You can check your balance at any time on your Affiliate Dashboard. 

If any item purchased through your Affiliate Link or with your Discount Code is returned, the commission you got from it will be subtracted from your balance.

Commission payouts happen approximately 60 days after the end of the month when the sales for which they are being paid happened. So, for example, commissions for sales made in January are paid out in late March.

The payment payout threshold is $100. Balances lower than this can only be paid out as PMUHub Shop store credit, upon request.